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Roosevelt Elementary School Termite Fumigation Environmental Report, April 2017

Roosevelt Sulfuryl Fluoride Sampling Report - 04/29/17

Confirmation Sampling of Reported Soil Remediation Investigation Report, Lincoln Middle School

November 15, 2016
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Construction and Modernization Projects -
Environmental Information

July 29, 2015

SMMUSD is planning improvements to both Santa Monica High School and Olympic High School and has released the Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) inspection and sampling reports for materials that will be removed during the planned demolition and modernization on both campuses.

This bulk material sampling was conducted prior to demolition of the Technology building at Samohi and the modernization of the four buildings at Olympic in order to properly characterize demolition debris that will be removed during planned activities, for appropriate offsite disposal.

The July 2015 reports are posted below.
Santa Monica High School – The summary of findings is on page 16.
Olympic High School – The summary of findings is on page 14

Building material sampling was conducted under controlled conditions, and in general accordance with applicable sections of SMMUSD’s Comprehensive PCB-Related Building Materials Inspection, Management and Removal Plan.

Two hundred fifty-four (254) samples of diverse building materials from Samohi’s Technology building, constructed in 1952, were collected and analyzed for PCBs. Based on the sampling results, no PCBs over the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) threshold of 50 ppm were detected in building materials sampled at Samohi.  Furthermore, approximately 94% of the samples were either not detected above the laboratory reporting limit or less than 1 ppm for PCBs.

The Samohi Technology building has been replaced with a new $55 million Science and Technology building scheduled to open for students in August 2015. As part of the overall modernization of Samohi, the Technology building will be demolished to make room for a planned softball field and parking lot.

The new Science and Technology building features 20 new classrooms, 15 science labs and an auto shop. The Technology building demolition project is planned to start in fall 2015.

At Olympic High School, portions of four buildings A, B, C and D, are slated for renovation and modernization starting in fall 2015. The $5.5 million modernization project will feature a new music classroom, modernized library and computer lab.

At Olympic High School, 339 samples of building materials were collected and analyzed for PCBs.  Approximately 73% of the samples collected were either not detected above the laboratory reporting limit or less than 1 ppm.  Only five samples contained PCB concentrations greater than 50 ppm. These five samples were limited to two exterior areas, each with a single construction material: 1) paint on one metal vent at Building A, and 2) glazing around select window frames over doorways in Building B. These materials will be properly removed and disposed of off-site as PCB Bulk Product Waste in compliance with TSCA. 

Both the Samohi and Olympic High School projects are part of the $268 million Measure BB bond passed by Santa Monica and Malibu voters in 2006. The bond money has been utilized to upgrade technology throughout the district, increase safety and security through fire alarm upgrades and gate access improvements, and to modernize and build new facilities at multiple campuses.

FINAL - Olympic PCB Inspection Report
July 24, 1015
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FINAL - SAMOHI PCB Inspection Report
July 24, 2015
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Water Conservation Efforts

We at SMMUSD are extremely concerned about the drought in California and the water shortage facing our state. We want our community to know SMMUSD is doing its part in conserving water in line with mandatory water reduction measures announced by state officials in May 2015. In fact, SMMUSD began water conservation efforts last year.

Water Saving Measures
We have introduced multiple water saving measures including evaluating landscaping as well as managing and replacing hardware and systems.

We are planting drought tolerant plants; watering less frequently; replacing leaky and automatic faucets with efficient units; and beginning an initiative to install rain barrels to capture rain runoff for irrigation use.

These water conservation measures were established voluntarily prior to the recent mandate and we continue to look for other ways to conserve even more.

Help Us Conserve
Please help us do our share by reporting any watering concerns on our campuses so we may address them immediately. Please email:

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
1651 16th Street
Santa Monica, California 90404