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SMMUSD Welcomes administrators TO NEW POSITIONS!


At its September 6, 2012, meeting, the Board of Education approved the appointment of Ms. Reham Dabash and Ms. Perla Brisky as the new Assistant Directors for Child Development Services.


Below is information on Ms. Dabash and Ms. Brisky:


Ms. Reham Dabash

Ms. Dabash has been with SMMUSD for a combined total of nine years, where she has been serving as a CDS Multi-site Supervisor and had served as a preschool lead teacher.  Additionally, Ms. Dabash has served as the Principal of Hobart Blvd. Early Education Center and Wilton Pl. Early Education Center as well as the Associate Principal of Kentwood Early Education Center and Marina Early Education Center, both within LAUSD.   Prior to that, Ms. Dabash was a Behavioral Interventionist with Focus Intervention Group.  As a preschool administrator, she successfully supervised both Head Start and state-funded preschool and afterschool programs, supervised both teaching and support staff, provided professional development training, and collaborated with district management to ensure program compliance and accountability and high-quality curricular practices that aligned with the district’s vision/goals.


Ms. Dabash is well-versed in best practices for early childhood education and afterschool care programs, focusing on a holistic experience where each student’s needs are assessed, embraced, and met in collaboration with parents.  Her goal as a leader is to ensure our youngest students are well prepared for kindergarten and beyond. 


Ms. Perla Brisky

Ms. Brisky has been with SMMUSD for a year, where she has been serving as a CDS Multi-site Supervisor.  Prior to that, Ms. Brisky served as the Site Manager at the Riverside County Office of Education, Child Development Supervisor and teacher with the Foundation for Early Childhood Education in El Monte, and a teacher for Aids Project LA Child Care Center, Highlands Children’s Center, and Universal Studios Child Care Center.  As a preschool administrator, she maintained a site budget, ensured her sites were safe and well-equipped, provided professional development training, and implemented standards-based curriculum. 


Ms. Brisky is committed to providing an excellence preschool program by creating strong relationships with her peers, our students’ parents, and the community; ensuring students with special needs are identified and receive appropriate services; and demonstrating a commitment to carrying out the district’s philosophy and goals. 


“I would like to welcome Ms. Dabash and Ms. Brisky to the new positions for 2012-13,” commented Superintendent Sandra Lyon.





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