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Santa Monica, CA – A groundbreaking ceremony at Lincoln Middle School on Wednesday, March 13 at 1:00pm will memorialize construction of the new library and classroom building that is currently underway.  The $16 million project began in December 2012 and is anticipated to be complete in September 2014.  


The event will include a project overview that identifies points of interest on the construction site and a brief speech by School Board President, Laurie Lieberman.  District staff will attend to help celebrate the event including Superintendent, Sandra Lyon; School Principal, Suzanne Webb; and Director of the Facility Improvement Projects, Stuart Sam.  Various team members who make the project possible, including the architect, DLR Group, and contractor, Erickson-Hall Construction, will also be in attendance.  


The Lincoln Middle School project is made possible through a collaboration of various individuals and groups.  In an effort to symbolize and capture the importance of these partnerships, team members will participate in an “All Hands United” concrete hand stamping project that will be preserved in one of the sidewalks upon the completion of the new building.


The Lincoln Middle School project was split into three phases.  The first phase was the installation of two relocatable classrooms, a temporary library, and a new six-inch fire main line to service the upcoming library and classroom building, which was completed in January 2011.  The second phase included renovating the former library and three classrooms into four new classrooms, two science labs, and a shared prep room.  Phase two was completed in December 2011.


“The construction that has been completed so far at Lincoln Middle School has brought student, staff, and family excitement towards learning.  We cannot wait for the next phase to be completed!” Webb said.


The final and current phase includes removing Classroom Building C and replacing it with a new building that will house a library, chorus room, six classrooms, two science labs with a shared prep room, and two sets of restrooms.  Outdoor improvements include an outdoor classroom with tiered seating and a new library entrance on 14th Street. 


The Lincoln Middle School construction project incorporates green technology and meets Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria through natural lighting, natural ventilation, maximized energy efficiency, storm water treatment, and reduced water use.


“We are looking forward to the completion of the new library and classroom building and the benefits it will have on current and future students,” Sam said.


Press admittance to the event is available.  Please contact Mary Buelow for further details.





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