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Throughout the month of October 2011, the District recycled a remarkable amount of construction debris on the job site at both John Adams Middle School (JAMS) and Edison Language Academy.  Both schools are working towards achieving a low rate of landfilled construction waste.  We are currently averaging a recycled waste percentage of 98%! 


As a part of Measure BB construction and modernization, the District established standards to ensure that modernizations apply energy savings and reach Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) sustainability standards.  JAMS and Edison Language Academy are both working towards meeting those benchmarks through construction that began in August 2011. 


John Adams Middle School

The modernization project includes a new attendance office and a new art classroom, which will replace the old main office.  The 1980s east wing will be replaced with new classrooms, a new parking lot, and new lunch shelter.  A new stage and seating area will be constructed at the Commons Space. The fire alarm system will be upgraded to a fully automatic system.  Additionally, two tennis courts will also be constructed on campus. 


At JAMS, approximately 1,201 tons of debris and waste were hauled away from the job site.  Of that amount, about 1,176 tons were recycled, leaving only about twenty-four tons to be landfilled.  Thus far, the modernization project has recycled 97.96% of its waste!


Edison Language Academy

All existing facilities will be replaced with an entirely new campus that will include twenty-seven classrooms, two pre-school classrooms, a library, cafeteria, and new administrative facilities.  Outdoor improvements include new community accessible playfields and playgrounds, outdoor eating and learning areas, and new landscaping throughout the campus.  


At Edison Language Academy, 25.70 tons of debris and waste were hauled away from the job site.  Of that amount, 25.24 tons were recycled, leaving less than half a ton to be landfilled.  Thus far, the new construction project has recycled 98.21% of its waste!


Although exercising sustainability is often challenging to incorporate, SMMUSD strives to be environmentally friendly during the construction process.  It is the District’s hope to engage students throughout the design and construction process and promote each phase as a learning opportunity.  The District invites and encourages students to increase their interest by learning more about our sustainable practices. 


Sustainability has been valued in the Measure BB program; notable achievement has been accomplished by the Purchasing Department at the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD).  Huge thanks goes to Crown Disposal Co. Inc. for their dedication and maintaining such a high percentage.  If you wish to receive additional information regarding the sustainable practices within the SMMUSD’s Measure BB projects, please contact Janie Buelow Hale at





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