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SMMUSD Board of education takes action in preparation for the 2010-11 budget


At its May 26-27, 2010, meeting, the SMMUSD Board of Education took action to reduce the 2010-11 budget by $7.1 million.  This is less than the $8.9 million that staff had recommended, but the board’s actions will allow the district to prepare a final 2010-11 budget, which will be approved by the board on Friday, June 18.


“These reductions are difficult and painful, but necessary to balance the budget due to the loss of state funding,” commented Superintendent Tim Cuneo.  “Even with these significant reductions, the board will still have to make deeper cuts in future years as well as generate ways to increase revenue districtwide.”


Reductions to the 2010-11 budget include:

·         Reduction in conference and travel expenditures ($40,000)

·         Elimination of 4 Supplemental Counselors (1 each at Santa Monica H.S., John Adams M.S., Lincoln M.S., and Malibu H.S.) ($350,000)

·         Reduction of summer school ($100,000)

·         Reduction of 1 security officer at Samohi ($50,000)

·         Elimination of funding for Reading Specialists ($240,000)

·         Reduction of 4 Student Outreach Specialists at Samohi ($260,000)

·         Reduction of 2 Nurses district wide.  There will be 2 nurses per pathway, plus 1 nurse FTE to be allocated as needed. ($160,000)

·         Reduction of all Elementary Library Coordinators, 1 certificated FTE Librarian position, and 3 classified Library Assistants ($355,000)

·         Postponement of 2011-12 textbook adoption ($250,000)

·         Reduction in energy/utility expenses as part of the district’s ongoing conservation program ($100,000)

·         Reduction of 4 FTEs in Elementary Music ($320,000)

·         Reduction of $440,000 in the district office, including the Director of Maintenance and Operations, the Coordinator of Student Support, a custodian, a utility worker, a painter, and other reductions

·         Elimination of 3 additional Counselors (1 at Malibu H.S., 1 at Lincoln M.S., 0.5 at John Adams M.S., and 0.5 at Olympic H.S.) ($280,000)

·         Reduction in outside contracts ($200,000)

·         Class size in secondary schools will increase from 33:1 to 35:1, except at JAMS, where will increase from 31:1 to 33:1. ($1,600,000)

·         Class size in elementary schools will also increase.  Title I schools will be at 27:1 in grades K-5.  Non-Title I schools will be at 27:1 (not 30:1) in grades K-3 and 30:1 in grades 4-5. ($1,680,000)

·         Reduction in contribution to Child Development Services ($75,000)

·         Reduction of 2 Advisors at Santa Monica H.S. (This is a delayed reduction from last year’s reduction of a house at that school.) ($165,000)


Cuneo commented that with the recent failure of Measure A, SMMUSD’s school funding measure, the Board of Education was forced to make difficult decisions.  “These decisions will directly impact our students and our employees.  The district is committed to providing a high quality education for all of our students within the limits of our budget constraints.”





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