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Teamwork 101: Teachers, Parents, and Administrators Unite to Celebrate Public Schools


The SMMUSD Board of Education, district administration, SMM California Teacher’s Association, PTA Council, Service Employees International Union, and SMM Association of School Administrators are showing that it’s not just students who have learned the value of working together toward a common goal.  The importance of teamwork, as taught in every Santa Monica and Malibu classroom from Kindergarten on up, will now be a core emphasis among the district’s leadership groups as well.


Tuesday morning, as schools in the district reopened after the summer break, Superintendent Dianne Talarico joined SMMCTA President Harry Keiley, PTA Council President Rebecca Kennerly, and SEIU Chief Steward Keryl Cartee-McNeely at Roosevelt Elementary School to hail the birth of a coalition designed to promote city schools.  The group unveiled a banner reading, “Santa Monica-Malibu – World Class Public Schools,” and announced that these banners will be on display this year at every school in the district.


“We have so much to be proud of,” said SMMCTA President Keiley.  “API test scores are well above state targets, our world class arts programs are the envy of the region, and we have fine athletic programs.  I’m thrilled to show our students and our whole community what great things can happen when parents and educators all work together.”


“SEIU Local 99 and its membership are thrilled to be a part of the outstanding teamwork along with the district, PTA, and SMMCTA,” said SEIU Local 99 Chief Steward Keryl Cartee-McNeely.  “As a community team, we are all committed to providing the best learning environment for our students and we are very proud of their excellent achievements!” 

The PTA Council’s President, Rebecca Kennerly, agreed, “We’ve built the ultimate team to tell our communities what parents have known for a long time: that our schools are really something to boast about.”


The coalition will be distributing banners and posters displaying a Top Ten facts sheet about the district’s schools and programs.  The coalition promises that it will continue to work together with the schools to ensure that the high quality programs continue to thrive.


“As long as we take to heart what we teach our kids in Kindergarten regarding teamwork and cooperation,” said Superintendent Dianne Talarico, “there’s no telling what we can accomplish.”


Photo caption:

(RtoL) Superintendent Dianne Talarico, SMM California Teachers Association President Harry Keiley, SMM PTA Council President Rebecca Kennerly, and SEIU Local 99 Chief Steward Keryl Cartee-McNeely join a group of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District students in preparation for the new school year.





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