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Student-Generated Math Podcasts Continue to Receive National and International Recognition


Eric Marcos, a sixth grade math teacher at Lincoln Middle School, and his students continue to receive rave reviews for their mathcasts, student-generated podcasts in which Mr. Marcos’s students teach other students math lessons.


Since Mr. Marcos and his students were recognized by ed tech guru Alan November in a keynote address at the Los Angeles County 21st Century Learners Symposium last October, many more great opportunities have presented themselves.


In early March, Marcos presented MathTrain and the student-generated mathcasts to a packed room at the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE) 19th International Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  After his presentation, Marcos said he was approached by several university professors, who expressed interest in developing a partnership with him, the Lincoln students, and the universities’ School of Education teachers, as well as possibly co-authoring a publication with Marcos regarding technology in the classroom. 


This summer, Marcos will be presenting “Kids Teaching Kids: Empowering Students Through Screencasting” at the 2008 Building Learning Communities (BLC) Conference in Boston, MA.  According to the BLC website, the conference is a forum for leading-edge thinkers, international leaders in education, and colleagues from around the world to share ideas about improving teaching and learning.  Marcos’s workshop will demonstrate the powerful effects of integrating student-created math video lessons, which are used as tutoring tools, a form of authentic assessment, and for creating an enhanced kids-teaching-kids classroom culture.  During his workshop, Marcos will teach the audience how to create student-generated curriculum videos themselves and how to share them online using screen capturing software.


In October 2008, Marcos will be presenting at the Innovative Learning Conference (ILC) in San Jose, CA.  According to the ILC website, the conference is devoted to advancing student achievement through innovative education strategies.  Those in attendance will include K-12 superintendents, site and district administrators, technology directors, curriculum designers, media specialists, district Chief Technology Officers, and other IT professionals.


“Recently, I was listening to an Australian podcast while driving home, and they mentioned my students’ mathcasts, including the name of the middle school,” said Mr. Marcos.  It's exciting to watch the academic work of our students attract a global audience!”


According to Marcos, the link receives over a quarter of a million hits each month.  Individuals and organizations that refer to the MathTrain link on their own sites include the Michigan Professional Development Training/Workshop, Gaming & Learning: Looking at Innovation in Education (a UK blog), New York State Association of Independent Schools Conference, Annick LIVEbrary Online Classroom, the 2008 Florida Educational Technology Conference, and the 2008 Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning Conference.  Additionally, Free Linnux PC (FLPC) of Greenville, SC, recommends the videos.  FLPC supplies free computers to low-income students, and the company preloads some of the computers with the MathTrain videos.


A math teacher from Edgewood Middle School in Ohio emailed Marcos directly, saying, “Please tell your students there is a school in Ohio [that] is starting to understand math a bit better because of them.” 


As a result of Marcos’s innovative work, other Lincoln math teachers have also started their own student-generated mathcasts. 


In February 2008, Marcos and his students were featured on the front page of the Santa Monica Daily Press.  Marcos has also had his first paper published.


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