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Franklin Elementary School Named CA Distinguished School


SMMUSD is proud to announce that Franklin Elementary School was named as one of 343 public elementary schools to receive the CA Distinguished School honor for 2008.


"It is such an honor for Franklin Elementary to be recognized by the State Superintendent for what we already knew to be true: Franklin is truly an amazing place, made so by the actions and care shown by teachers, staff, parents, and the community for the benefit of our students," said Principal Tara Brown.


“The administrative leadership team, made up of Principal Tara Brown and Assistant Principal Deanna Sinfield, and the teachers and parents work collaboratively to make phenomenal learning experiences happen for the children,” said Superintendent Talarico.


According to the State Superintendent’s Office, the selection criteria for this year “were more stringent than ever.  Schools wrote a substantive narrative application and then were subject to an extensive site validation.”


State Superintendent Jack O’Connell called each school principal to personally convey the good news.


“I was honored to be able to join in the excitement as these dedicated educators learned their schools earned this coveted title,” he was quoted as saying in a press release issued from his office.  “From their stories, it became clear that they share a school-wide vision of excellence where every student can succeed and achieve at the very highest levels of performance.”


The California School Recognition Program is now in its 23rd year and identifies and honors the state's most exemplary and inspiring public schools with the California Distinguished School Award. Although participation is voluntary, the award is highly sought after by schools in all areas of the state. Elementary and secondary schools are recognized during alternate years.





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