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February 2, 2006




At the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education meeting of February 2, 2006, to be held at the SMMUSD Board Room, the Board of Education will recognize those teachers who were selected by their peers as school site Teachers of the Year 2005-2006.As representatives of all the teachers in the District, the 2005 - 2006 Teachers of the Year possess the skills, talent, creativity and dedication to the education of children that make our schools outstanding learning environments.


Eight teachers will be honored for their outstanding commitment to the education of the students in this District:

Darci Braverman has taught special education at Lincoln for five years and served as the department chair for three years. She has worked tirelessly with our teachers in supporting their efforts to provide successful learning experiences for our special needs students.

Greg DiLeo came to Lincoln in 1996 to be hired as a PE teacher, but because of his amazing technology skills, he was hired instead as a technology teacher and coordinator. Through these past nine years Mr. DiLeo has not only taught our students computer skills, but has improved, maintained, and repaired all of Lincoln's technology systems.

Rozita Moazzez was hired as an elementary teacher in SMMUSD in 1994 and then came to Lincoln in 1996 as a 6th grade Humanities teacher. Along with teaching Humanities she has taught 6th grade ELD classes and 7th grade French Exploratory. Ms. Moazzez served for four years as Lincolnís ELD department chair and coordinator.

Elizabeth Martinez has taught at Edison Learning since 1991.In addition to her creative teaching skills, Elizabeth is an artist and a singer, developing lessons for students by integrating math, science and the arts.


Michael Felix is a well-loved history teacher at Santa Monica High School.He is able to make history come alive for the students in his classroom.


Jose Lopez is a talented Spanish teacher who has served SMMUSD for more than twenty-seven years.He holds high standards for his students and brings the love of language to his classroom at Santa Monica High


Patrick Cady is a dedicated history teacher who has been with the District since 1974.He has also served as Track and Field coach at Santa Monica High, touching the lives of many students throughout the years.


Meredith Louria has taught at Santa Monica High for fifteen years and serves as Teacher Leader for S House, guiding the development for the schoolís Freshman Seminar program.Her leadership and professionalism serve as a model for the entire staff in her House.


We congratulate all of our teachers for giving the gift of education to the youth of the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu.



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