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October 13, 2004


Edison Elementary School Shows Outstanding Growth on STAR Testing

Superintendent, Dr. John Deasy, congratulated Edison Elementary School on the outstanding growth in student performance this year, as evidenced by recent results from California’s Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program. Edison Elementary School, the District’s only Spanish/English Immersion School and one of only a handful in the nation, experienced one of the highest increases in Academic Performance in the region.


Edison’s Academic Performance Index increased 47 points, climbing from 709 to 756. This places Edison squarely in an elite group. Of the 1,183 elementary schools in Los Angeles County, Edison’s growth ranked 29th. “This is a monumental feat,” announced Dr. Deasy, “and even more extraordinary is the fact that Edison was already operating at such a high level of performance.” Dr. Deasy noted that few of the other schools in the County’s list of thirty most improved elementary schools are high-achieving schools. In fact, with respect to schools with high APIs (700 and above on a scale of 200-1000) where continued growth is far more difficult to achieve, Edison is one of only six schools in the entire county to experience such growth.


Dr. Deasy attributes the accomplishments at Edison to a number of factors, including a




Edison Elementary School Shows Outstanding Growth on STAR Testing

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highly talented group of topnotch teachers as well as the tremendous leadership of Edison’s new principal, Ernesto Leon. According to the superintendent, “The Edison team of

teachers, administration and parents has demonstrated tremendous energy and enthusiasm for creating a strong and exciting instructional program. The remarkable API increase is proof of the success of these efforts.” (See table and charts attached)


Now in his second year at the helm of Edison, Mr. Leon commented on the passion and dedication of his teachers around the unique mission of their school. “The work undertaken by this staff is truly remarkable,” Mr. Leon stated. “One year ago we began a conversation among our faculty that has dramatically increased student achievement here. We were determined that we could accelerate achievement, and the results indicate that so far we are succeeding.” Leon pointed to three initiatives at Edison which have impacted student performance: a revamped and newly-standardized program for non-fluent speakers of English; a reconsideration of the English Language Arts program particularly in the early grades; and a recommitment to English Language Arts standards and the texts which support it. “This was really a team effort,” the principal commented. “We thought together, discussed ideas openly and honestly, and crafted a plan that was right for our children. It is working because it is best for kids and it truly has the support of all stakeholders.”





Edison Elementary School Shows Outstanding Growth on STAR Testing

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In addition to the tremendous API growth experienced at Edison, there has been great success on another measure of student achievement: Academic Yearly Progress (AYP).


AYP is a measurement created under the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandate. Under NCLB, schools and school districts are evaluated on a number of criteria, most of which relate to student participation and performance on state examinations. This year Edison was evaluated on 21 criteria, and Edison met AYP in all 21 criteria.


According to Dr. Deasy, “Meeting AYP is no easy task. The federal government requires schools to meet performance targets not only for its schoolwide population but also for all statistically significant demographic subgroups within that school.” At Edison, there are four statistically significant subgroups (Latino, White-Non Hispanic, Socioeconomically Impacted, and Non-fluent English Speakers) and each group needed to meet or exceed the NCLB expectation of 13.6% proficiency on the English assessment and 16.0% on the Math assessment. This expectation is called the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO), which is set by the United States Department of Education and is common to all elementary schools in the country. If any school, or if any one group within a school does not meet the English or Math AMO, then the school as a whole will not meet Academic Yearly Progress.





Edison Elementary School Shows Outstanding Growth on STAR Testing

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With this in mind, what has happened at Edison is particularly important because next year Congress raises the AMO for all elementary and middle schools to 24.4% in English and 26.5% in Math. “Edison’s 2004 scores are impressive not only because they meet the AMO’s for 2004, but they also demonstrate that they this school is well on its way to meeting the 2005 AMO’s as well,” noted the Superintendent. “The achievement in math at Edison already surpasses the 2005 AMO level, and the achievement in English indicates that it likely will do so as well.”


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