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March 16, 2004


Opening College Doors: Support and Success for SMMUSD Students


Pushing open the doors to college can be a challenge, particularly for students historically underrepresented in those ivy halls. In Santa Monica-Malibu, however, a rigorous curriculum and targeted support are opening college doors for all students.


College Eligibility


Santa Monica-Malibu students meet the University of California and California State University’s course eligibility requirements at rates that far surpass other similar communities. A recent report form the University of California highlights the effectiveness of our college prep programs for two groups of students: White and Asian students who historically are well-represented in California public universities and Underrepresented students who have not been enrolled to the same extent.


Students who wish to attend a four-year public university in California must complete a series of rigorous, university-approved courses known as “a-g.” These courses cover a broad range of subjects and include higher-level math and science coursework.



The chart below shows the percent of White and Asian students and Underrepresented

students from the graduating class of 2002 who met the a-g requirement at selected high schools in the region including Beverly Hills, La Canada, Palos Verdes, San Marino and South Pasadena as well as statewide. College eligibility among White and Asian students at Santa Monica High School was 81% which surpasses other high achieving high schools in the region. Malibu results (67%) are comparable to results from South Pasadena. Results from both schools far surpass the statewide college eligibility rate of 44%. Among underrepresented students, Santa Monica-Malibu meets or exceeds other comparable schools and is more than twice the statewide average. At Santa Monica High School, 49% of underrepresented students completed the a-g requirements; while at Malibu 55% met that goal. Statewide, only 22% of underrepresented students were college eligible. Superintendent John Deasy states, “I am extremely pleased with the achievement of all of our diverse student body. These results are validation of the success of the District’s efforts to raise academic achievement while closing the achievement gap.”




Percent of College Eligible Students

Class of 2002



Looking across the years, both Malibu and Santa Monica high schools increased the percent of underrepresented students eligible for college. At Malibu the percent of college eligible underrepresented students increased 5 percentage points from 50% to 55%. Santa Monica High School more than doubled the college eligibility rate for underrepresented youth increasing from 20% to 49%.


Percent of Underrepresented College Eligible Graduates

Class of 2000 and 2002




AVID Expands College Enrollment


Beginning in middle school and continuing through high school graduation, students may participate in AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is a national program that supports students in the most rigorous college prep courses. AVID students enroll in the AVID elective that focuses on academic instruction, tutorial support, and motivational activities to create a college-going culture.


Santa Monica-Malibu data provides convincing evidence that our AVID students exceed statewide levels of college enrollment. The most recent results from 2002-2003 indicate that AVID ethnically diverse students are much more likely to attend a University of California or California State University campus than all students statewide. As seen in

the chart below, Santa Monica-Malibu AVID students exceed both the AVID and statewide results. Of the graduating class of 2002, Santa Monica-Malibu AVID students enrolled in a UC campus at a rate of 29%, which was double the statewide AVID rate of 14% and far surpasses the general statewide UC enrollment of 8%. Enrollment at a Cal State campus was 43% among Santa Monica-Malibu AVID students compared to 38% of statewide AVID students and 10% among all students statewide.



Percent of Graduates Enrolling at a UC or CSU

Class of 2002








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