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March 18, 2004


Santa Monica-Malibu Schools Exceed State API Targets


Santa Monica-Malibu schools strive to meet the highest expectations and the recently released new 2003 Academic Performance Index (API) Base highlights the District’s success. All schools attained an API over 680 on a scale of 200-1000. Eight District schools out of 14 exceeded the state API target of 800 on a scale of 200-1000. These results far surpass statewide results showing less than 3 out of 10 schools meeting the 800 target.


The API measures student performance on a variety of standards-based assessments, primarily the California Standards Tests in English-Language Arts and Mathematics at grades two through eleven, History-Social Science in grades 10 and 11, and science in grades nine through eleven. The API also includes the norm-referenced California Achievement Test, Sixth Edition (CAT/6 Survey), the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), and the California Alternate Performance Assessment for eligible Special Education students.


The chart below illustrates Santa Monica-Malibu schools’ success compared to statewide results. Seventy percent of our elementary schools and 50 percent of our middle schools met the state target of 800. High schools were close to the target with API scores of 688 at Santa Monica High and 796 at Malibu. Overall, in 2002, 8 of 13 (61.5%) District schools were above the state target of 800, and 8 of 14 (57.1%) schools were above the target in 2003. Statewide, only between 15 and 22 percent of schools placed above the 800 target.


Percent of Schools with 2003 API Base at/above Performance Target of 800






Growth over the last five years shows Santa Monica-Malibu schools making continual and consistent improvement. Elementary schools demonstrated the most significant increases in the base API since 1999 ranging from 26 point increase to a 110 point increase at Rogers and a 161 point increase at Muir. In middle school, Lincoln’s base API increased 15 points, while John Adams Middle School increased 90 points. To date, high school base API has shown only minor increases of 3-5 points at Malibu High and Santa Monica High School. “Our schools clearly are on the path of excellence,” stated Superintendent John Deasy. “As our work on secondary education and high school redesign proceeds, we expect to see all secondary schools reaching the state target, also.”

Change in API Base from 1999 to 2003




Finally, growth is also seen in the number of district schools with high API scores. No Santa Monica-Malibu schools have ever placed in the lower half of schools statewide. Our performance has been strong and has increased as shown in the chart below that highlights the number of schools with APIs in the 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s.


Number of Schools per API Score Band

1999 - 2003







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