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March 12, 2002

Strategic Planning Conference Follow-Up

The Strategic Plan will set the District's course of direction for the next three to five years, ensuring the highest quality future possible for the students of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

At the close of the three-day Strategic Planning Conference in February, with over 140 participants from various stakeholder groups in the Santa Monica - Malibu community, seven Action Work Groups evolved.

The seven Action Work Groups are the following:

Abundant Resources focuses on increasing discretionary ongoing funding and improving recruitment, utilization, and coordination of human resources. The co-chairs are Rick Gates, Ken Bailey, and Wade Roach.

Differentiated Learning focuses on creating individualized learning plans for each student and integrating different learning modalities and real life situations into the curriculum. The co-chairs are Mary Ann Glicksman, Cynthia Torres, and Peggy Harris.

Equity and Equality in Education focuses on devising plans so that students feel they are receiving the highest level of education, enabling all students to go to college and be competitive after school. The co-chairs are Ana Maria Jara, Oscar de la Torre, Chris Gary, and Joe Quarles.

Schools as Community Centers focuses on providing a school and district culture that integrate services for every member of the community, eliminating barriers to excellence in education, and promoting healthy development. The co-chairs are Craig Hamilton, Marlene Singer, Kathy McTaggart, and Laurel Schmidt.

Smaller Class Sizes focuses on developing a District-wide policy and procedure for balancing classes, including a new inter-district permit policy and recommending methods to achieve class sizes of 20:1 in K-5 and maximum caseload of 125 in 6-12. The co-chairs are Jim Jaffe and Rick Bagley.

Universal Pre-School focuses on offering access to quality preschool for all city children, integrating before/after school programs into the pre-K -12 school day, and involving parents as full partners from birth on. The co-chairs are Gleam Davis, Edith Yapkowitz, and Judy Abdo.

Variety of Curricula focuses on creating a comprehensive, cohesive, standards-based curriculum and identifying methods to honor personal achievement and encourage individual talents. The co-Chairs are Savannah Overton, John Petz, Tony Vazquez, and Lise Reilly.

From March until June, the seven Action Work Groups will meet regularly to develop the details of their respective work plan. A summit will be convened in May to present the seven work plans before the community, and the work groups will present the finalized plans in June before the Board of Education for adoption.

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