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April 26, 2002

Board Fills Two Positions

At its meeting of April 25, 2002, the Board of Education appointed a new Director of Pupil Services and a Principal at John Adams Middle School.

Effective July 1, 2002, Laurel Schmidt will assume the position of Director, Pupil Services. Laurel has served in that capacity since July 1, 1999. Laurel brings a broad spectrum of experiences to the position. Her teaching career spanned grades kindergarten through middle school in the Los Angeles Unified School District and Santa Monica-Malibu, where she joined the staff of SMASH in 1992. She became the principal of Franklin Elementary in 1995. Since joining the Student Services Department, Laurel has been instrumental in developing a comprehensive School Safety program for all district schools. Laurel remains passionate about learning. She presents at state and national conferences on the topic of multiple intelligence theory and differentiated instruction for gifted and special needs students. She is the author of Seven Times Smarter: 50 Activities, Games and Projects to Develop the Multiple Intelligences in Your Child. Laurel is also an adjunct professor at Antioch University and a member of the Education Advisory Board of the Natural History Museum.

Effective July 1, 2002, Lise Reilly will assume the principalship at John Adams Middle School. Lise is currently the Interim Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. Formerly a school site administrator and teacher having taught at pre-school, elementary and secondary levels in regular and special education, for the past six years she has coordinated professional development and articulation for staff within the Adams Pathway of Schools. Lise presents within SMMUSD and at state and national conferences on areas including: learning differences and differentiated instruction, standards-based instruction, building learning communities and middle level education. Currently, a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership Program at UCLA, Ms. Reilly demonstrates the leadership skills that will meet the needs of all students and families in John Adams' diverse community.



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