!!! Important Announcement !!!

Wireless Access Status Update

As part of the Measure BB project, centralized high capacity Wireless Access Points have been installed at nearly every school site as well as the District Office. These are robust and secure access points, much more reliable than the previously installed devices. Once properly configured, you will be able to roam from building to building and even site to site without any additional configuration.

As of January 13, 2010, an issue remains with the Wireless N portion of the Centralized Wireless Installation.  AT&T maintains the responsibility to correct the issue and is working with Cisco on coming to a resolution.

In the meantime, we know that our school sites are relying on this new wireless system in the classrooms.  We want to make sure that a reliable wireless connection is available to all staff even while AT&T continues to work on the system.  To that end we have disabled the problematic wireless “N” protocol district wide.  What this means is that everyone will still be able to connect without any change to their computer.  Those who were connecting at “N” will now connect at “G”.  Those that were at “A, B, or G” will be unaffected.  The result should be a far more stable connection at 54Mbps. 

Please contact your site technician or John Castillo (jcastillo@smmusd.org) with any questions or concerns.  You can visit this site regularly for updates.

Visit this page regularly for an update on when the testing will be complete.

New SPAM Filter
Having completed the new E-Mail system rollout, we turned our attention to the SPAM issue.  Last year we collected information from many of you regarding an excess of SPAM getting through our previous filter.  We were unsuccessful in getting better performance out of that filter so we began researching and testing various enterprise spam filters. 
Over the Holidays we implemented our newly purchased spam filter:  Iron Port from Cisco.  It is an industry leading e-mail security system that combats spam, viruses, and other content based threats.  We have already heard back from many of you that your spam has dropped from hundreds a week to nothing. 
To give you an idea of what the filter is doing for our mail system, the following graphic shows statistics for a typical 24 hour period:

We hope you start off the new year SPAM-Free or close to it.  We welcome any feedback on the performance of the new filter.

Wireless Access for Guests

A "Guest" wireless connection has also been established to provide parents, visitors, and vendors with the convenience of wireless Internet access without compromising our bandwidth or security. We will post a document, "SMMUSD Guest Wireless Access" describing the guest connection and how to connect to it once the testing period has been completed.