Exchange Migration Archives

July 20, 2009

We have begun the e-mail account and data migration to the new Exchange E-Mail system.  By now, if you have submitted your account information, you should already have a new e-mail account, user id, and password.  Go to to sign on or choose “Web Outlook” from the District Web Site Quick links.  You are now enabled with sending/receiving through Web Outlook.  We are already in the process of moving your old e-mail over but this takes time and will not be complete for everyone until the end of this month.  If you have urgent need to access old e-mail, contact us as soon as possible to expedite your transfer of data.
If you have not yet filled out the form, check the E-Mail Account Information to see if an account has been created for you and contact us for your temporary password if you do see your name on the list. (Check
E-Mail Account Information for your new account information). Otherwise, take 2 minutes to fill out the New Mail Setup form, and we will have your new account created shortly.

See below for additional information including training and frequently asked questions.

We have just completed creating all Exchange E-Mail Accounts for everyone who has filled out the “New Mail Setup” form.   Thank you to all of you who have filled out the form!  This is a good time to test out your username and password, name spelling, and whether or not you are in the correct group.  Please see the “E-Mail Account Information” link to verify your information.  This is also a great time to start reviewing the training documents or videos.  So what happens next?

  • Starting June 20th, we will shut down your old account and transfer your old e-mail.  You will need to access e-mail only through the new system.
  • Once the Mail has been copied over for everyone, we will start moving contacts over for those who requested it.
  • Next we will setup appointments to configure Outlook 2007 and Entourage users.
  • We will continue to post training videos and documents for features such as Calendar Sharing and other advanced settings.

Important Notes:

  • If you have not filled out the “New Mail Setup” form, please do so now!  It only takes 2 minutes and ensures you will have e-mail upon return to the new school year.
  • I-Mail Lists: If you manage a list within your site, please contact us at You will need to update the lists to reflect the new addresses.  You will also not be able to send to these lists unless your new address is added.  You will also need to know your new user id to manage the lists.
  • Check Names: Don’t forget that you do not need to know a person’s e-mail address on the new system!  Simply type in a portion of a person’s first or last name and lick the “Check Names” button.  It will resolve to the person’s address.  This works for entire school sites as well.
  • Semi-Colons not Commas!  When you type in multiple addresses separate them with a semi-colon instead of a comma.
  • Questions or Concerns?  Contact us at

July 10, 2009

Full District Migration to Exchange will occur over this Summer 2009

Please prepare for our E-Mail cut over taking place in July. This will occur over a two week period between July 20 and 31. During that time you will lose connectivity to your old e-mail system and the Quick Link to "Web Mail" will be removed. We are providing essential online training in video and pdf format that you can access from any web browser by clicking the "PDF and Video Training" link below. In most cases your e-mail address and login name will change; however, e-mail to your original address will continue to be delivered directly to your new account.

Please Follow these Steps to Ensure Your E-Mail Will be Active:

  • Password & Updated Information: Click on the following link: New Mail Setup to enter your up-to-date information as well as what you want your new E-Mail password to be. Your account will be inaccessible until we receive this information.

  • User Account/E-Mail Address: To see what your new login and e-mail address will be, click on the following link: E-Mail Account Information

  • Old E-Mail Transfer: We will transfer all of your old e-mail to the new e-mail system.

  • If you have less than 30 contacts, we ask that you re-enter them manually in the new system (See Training Module 2). If you have a large number, please contact us at and we will transfer your contacts as soon as we are able. Keep in mind, that it will now be unnecessary to have district e-mail addresses in your contacts. All Exchange users are listed in the Global Address List.