August 25, 2009 Update

We have completed our Migration to the new Exchange E-Mail system!  Thank you to everyone for your cooperation in making this as smooth a change as possible.  With such a major changeover in a vital part of our everyday communication, the process was bound to have a few hurdles to overcome.  We hope that you’ll agree that the end result was worthwhile.  Our new system will allow for many new innovations and improvements in our communication processes, including the upcoming e-mail based Voice Mail. 

As our SMMUSD community returns from summer vacation, we will be focusing on supporting those who have not yet signed on to Exchange.  Common issues will be forgotten passwords or usernames.  After the first week or two of getting everyone situated, we will move on to providing additional training to allow for the full utilization of the advanced features of Exchange where needed.

In the meantime, here are some additional points and tips.  Thanks again for helping us make this an excellent experience.
  • Do have more than 30 contacts and need to have them moved over to Exchange?  Send us an e-mail at

  • If you or someone in your staff do not have an e-mail account and would like one, fill out the form at  “New E-Mail Request Form

  • Forgot or Need to Reset your E-Mail Password? Call 70-312 or send a message to

  • To view a PDF version of all District Lists or Individual Site Lists go to our “Exchange Application Training Page” and click on “Distribution Lists”

  • Is there something you would like to see specific training for?  Let us know and we will create a video or document for everyone to share.  If enough people are interested, we can also host a meeting on site or via “Live Meeting” through your MAC or PC.