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Who Needs a Physical at SMMUSD

  • ALL children entering the first grade MUST have a health screening examination or submit a waiver signed by the parent or guardian which states that he/she does not want the child to have the examination.
  • Any high school student participating in a physical sport, and for other designated school activities. (Contact your sports director for more specifics)

Why Do You Need a Physical?

  • The purpose of a required first grade physical is to find early and modify any existing health or developmental problems which may affect the child's ability to benefit from the school experience.
  • Children involved in physical activities; sports, specific school trips, need to have medical clearance so that the school is aware that there are no restrictions.

When Do You Need a Physical?

  • According to the law, examinations must be done within 18 months prior to a child's entry into the first grade. (18 months and one day before first grade is too early, and another assessment will be requested)
  • Sports physicals must be complete before eligibility to participate.
  • Other physicals to be determined.

How Can You Get a Physical?

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) is a great way to get:
  • School physicals
  • Camp physicals
  • Sports Physicals
  • Regular (Preventive) Check-ups
The Child Health and Disability Prevention Program is a Federal and State mandated preventive health program serving California's children and youth. CHDP makes early health care available to eligible all children; not only children with obvious health problems, but also to children who seem well.

Through the CHDP program, children and youth can obtain regular preventive health assessments to identify any health problems. Those with suspected problems are then referred for necessary diagnosis and treatment. Many problems can be prevented, corrected, or the severity reduced by prompt diagnosis and treatment. The earlier they are found, the more easily they can be treated or corrected.

CDHP School Requirements

By law, all children entering the first grade are required to have either a certificate of a CHDP health examination or a waiver on file at the school in which they enroll. The CHDP Program works with the Department of Education in administering and monitoring this requirement and assists low income children to meet the requirement by providing them with state-paid health assessments.

CHDP health assessments are provided by private physicians, county health departments, clinics, and some local school districts. CHDP encourages private provider participation.

CHDP offers a full range of health assessment services including:
Health and Developmental history Physical examination
Nutritional Assessment Immunizations
Lead Testing Hearing Testing
Vision Testing Some Laboratory tests
Health Education and anticipatory guidance

The CHDP Program
  • Encourages families to seek preventive health care
  • Helps children and teens stay healthy
  • Finds health problems early
  • Answers health questions and links people with treatment, education and support services when needed.
  • Both Medi-Cal and non Medi-Cal children and youth are eligible to receive periodic preventive health services/health assessments.
CHDP Program is a service of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. To contact the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program in your area, call 800-993-2437.

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