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A Framework for K-12 Science Education Next Generation Science Standards
Developing Assessments for the Next Generation Science Standards Guide to Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards
Draft Science Framework for California Public Schools LS County Office of Education

California Education and the Environment Initiative

California Science Teachers Association

What are the Next Generation Science Standards?

How were the NGSS developed?

How are the NGSS for CA different than the 1998 CA Science Standards?

How was CA involved in the development of the NGSS?

How are the NGSS for California different than the NGSS national standards?

Are the NGSS the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Science?

How are the standards arranged?

What are the Scientific and Engineering Practices?

What are the Crosscutting Concepts?

Why did the SEP create an integrated approach to middle grades science?

Will SMMUSD adopt the integrated or discipline specific model for middle school?

Will middle grades science teachers need a new credential to teach the proposed integrated learning progressions for middle grades 6-8?

How does the NGSS address students with special needs (English learners, students with disabilities, advanced learners)?

How will high school courses be arranged?

What are “curriculum frameworks”?

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