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Adult Education Program - Basic Literacy

Winter: 11/13/17-2/23/18 &  Spring: 2/26/18-5/31/18

  • English Fundamentals
    Tuesday, 6 - 9 pm, AEC Rm 108, Cr: 5 (#110101)
    Materials Fee: $ 0
    This course is designed to improve basic skills in written communication. Emphasis is placed on written and oral language conventions, including punctuation, usage, spelling, capitalization, basic simple sentence structure, and syntax. Students apply these skills in narrative writing assignments and in practical (consumer and workplace) applications. Students will be required to take a placement exam at the time of enrollment. Prerequisite: Advanced ESL

  • Student Success Seminar
    Tuesday, 6 - 9 pm, AEC Rm 108, Cr: 5 (#123301)
    Materials Fee: $ 0
    Students have the opportunity to review important strategies to get their brain in shape for upcoming classes and to meet other new or returning students. The goal of the Student Success Seminar is to increase general knowledge and readiness skills to prepare students to be successful in required high school diploma classes and/or high school equivalency preparation classes.

  • Math Learning Center
    Monday & Wednesday, 6 - 9 pm, AEC Rm 106, Cr: 5 (#110201/120202)
    Materials Fee: $ 0
    The Math Learning Center offers individualized instruction in basic math and algebra courses         required for the high school diploma, as well as preparation for the GED Test.

There is continuous enrollment during the year, you may start when you wish and work at your own pace.
Plan a schedule that suits your needs! All students meet with a counselor first to assess needs and develop an individualized plan.  *Placement testing is available by appointment only.  Counseling session is free.

Enrollment:  New and returning students will be required to take a two-part placement exam prior to enrollment.  Sessions take approximately 1 1⁄2 hours.  Please plan accordingly. 

Registration & Information:
Olga Saucedo
(310) 664-6222, Ext. 76203

Main Campus:
Adult Education Center
2510 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405
Parking entrance on Pine St.

Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District
1651 16th Street
Santa Monica, California 90404