School Accountability Report Cards (SARC)

The California Constitution requires that a School Accountability Report Card (SARC) be prepared annually for each school. The Education Code states that the SARC "shall provide data by which parents can make meaningful comparisons between public schools enabling them to make informed decisions on which school to enroll their children. "We believe that information contained in these reports will enable you, the reader, to gain an accurate and realistic picture of the Santa Monica-Malibu schools.
Board of Education
Ralph Mechur, President
Barry Snell, Vice President
Ben Allen
Oscar de la Torre
José Escarce
Maria Leon-Vazquez
Kelly McMahon Pye

Tim Cuneo, Acting Superintendent

2007-2008 Reports


Edison Language Academy   (Español)
Franklin Elementary
Grant Elementary
John Muir Elementary   (Español)
Juan Cabrillo Elementary
McKinley Elementary   (Español)
Point Dume Marine Science
Roosevelt Elementary
Webster Elementary
Will Rogers Learning Community (Español)

Midde Schools

John Adams Middle School
Lincoln Middle School
SMASH Alternative School

High Schools

Malibu High School
Santa Monica High School
Olympic High School

Prior School Accountability Report Cards
1999-2000 SARC
2000-2001 SARC
2001-2002 Individual SARCs
2002-2003 Individual SARCs
2003-2004 Individual SARCs
2004-2005 Individual SARCs
2005-2006 Individual SARCs 2006-2007 Individual SARCs
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