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  Reportable Incident

What constitutes a reportable incident?
  1. Any injury to an employee or registered school volunteer. (If the injury results in death, disfigurement, or hospitalization the local office of the California Occupation Safety & Health Administration must be notified within eight (8) hours.) Instructions for reporting injury to Cal OSHA

  2. A student injury that requires treatment or follow up evaluation by a physician.

  3. Reported cases of sexual harassment, sexual molestation, sexual abuse or sexual assault.

  4. Hate crimes - criminal acts or attempted criminal acts against an individual or group of individuals because of their actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

  5. Cases of physical abuse.

  6. Bullying that may require psychological counseling and/or may affect a student’s attendance at school.

  7. Police action on campus involving an arrest and/or an investigation.

  8. An environmental incident that involves the spillage or release of hazardous material.

  9. An accident resulting in injury or possible injury to a visitor.

  10. A fire on campus.

  11. Any incident that presents a potential for severe financial loss to the District.

Note: District policy and procedures regarding the reporting of suspected criminal acts and child abuse should be followed in addition to the District’s internal incident reporting procedures.

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