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CTE Class Descriptions


ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE INTERN - Learn & Practice Office Skills Needed in the Work Force - Build your Personal Portfolio and Resume! Students will work in a campus administration office 1 period a day (A-6th). Job tasks will be assigned, explained and supervised by the office staff.Placement is made according to the student's skills and that office's requirements. Provides practical experience with office responsibilities. Students must be reliable, have initiative and be able to maintain confidentiality. Students must also attend a 2.5-hour class after school, one day a week. The class will focus on office and computer skills, field trips, community speakers and more.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY - This course is designed to prepare students to enter the automotive field by providing skills training in lubrication, engine tune up, brakes, tires, auto cooling, electrical, fuel and exhaust systems. Learning areas include operation of special electronic testing equipment. Students may use a variety of testing equipment such as engine analyzers, voltmeter, or compression gauges to locate and identify problems. Students will use a variety of tools in their work including power tools such as pneumatic wrenches, machine tools such as brake lathes and grinding machines, jacks and hoists and a variety of electronic service equipment such as infrared engine analyzer and computerized diagnostic devices. Many common hand tools are used to work on small parts and had-to-reach places.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT-PROJECT ECHO - Student management and operations of two campus businesses: Vike’s Inn and Vike’s Café. Students will learn effective communication and negotiation skills, visual merchandising, marketing, merchandise and menu planning, purchasing wholesale, finances of small businesses, business law, industry exploration, and market research. UC/CSU approved.

CAREER AND JOB READINESS – This course prepares students for paid and unpaid internships in a variety of occupations. Eligible students must have an active IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) or 504 Plan in place. Students will develop skills in various occupations including Animal Care, Child Care Assistant, Food Services, Plant Nurseries, Hotel/Hospitality Services, Office Occupations and Retail Sales

CAREER INTERN - This course provides students with on-the-job practical work experience to enhance work-related skills, increase awareness of potential careers, and develop knowledge of the “work culture.”  Students gain valuable experience in their chosen career field; connect the classroom with the on-the-job experience giving the intern a competitive edge.  Students spend required hours each week interning with a pre-arranged facility.  The experience of doing a job and seeing what it is like from the inside is incomparable. 

COMPUTER CERTIFICATION - The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) program is a global, validated, standards-based training and certification program for basic computing and Internet literacy.  It provides specific guidelines for the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, software (Microsoft Office), networks and the Internet.  This program trains and validates a students computing knowledge and skills as they prepare to meet the demands of a digital society.  Successful students will have the opportunity to test for certification.

DIGITAL DESIGN LEVEL 1-4 – A comprehensive course to introduce students to the graphic design field. Class starts with a comprehensive foundation in design methods, conceptual skills and digital techniques to create visually pleasing and effective graphic communications. Then move on to mastery of the Mac platform: publication design using QuarkXPress, digital imaging using Photoshop, and electronic imaging using Adobe Illustrator. As you build mastery of these essential tools, you will learn to requirements of advertising and publication design; and understand the technical requirements of digital prepress. UC/CSU approved. Offered at both Malibu and Santa Monica High Schools.

FILM & VIDEO PRODUCTION - Class will give students the skills and tools to make personal digital documents. Students will be guided through the proper methods for writing and presenting a project script. They will be taught the correct procedures for capturing digital content and forming them into expressive creations. They will also gain an increased understanding of production techniques as well as computers and computer peripherals such as digital analog converters, digital video cameras and CD recorders. !0th graders allowed. UC/CSU approved.

INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING - For students who want to become career leaders in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. Develop a better understanding of our competitive, free enterprise system; understand how businesses focus on the needs and wants of their customers to remain competitive and increase profits; learn the basic principals of a free market enterprise, the role of competition, and the importance of risk and profit; and how and why businesses advertise, what role packaging, brand names and window displays play in product merchandising.

PHOTOGRAPHY LEVEL I - An introductory black and white photography course. Course will provide students with opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills in the field of photography. Students will also become familiar with photographic equipment, materials, methods, and processes. Integrated within the scope of chemical based photography the students will be introduced to computer technology and digital photography. Students will also study 60 famous photographs and photographers from the key monuments of the history of photography and how these photographers impacted this medium. UC/CSU approved. Offered at both Malibu and Santa Monica High Schools.

PHOTOGRAPHY LEVEL II – Advanced photography course providing students with opportunities to extend and advance their knowledge and skills in the field of photography and digital imaging. Course will familiarize the student with advance photographic equipment, materials, methods and processes. Integrated within the scope of chemical based photography the students will refine their knowledge of computer technology and digital photography. Students will also study 60 famous photographs and photographers from the key monuments of the history of photography and how these photographers impacted this medium. UC/CSU approved. Offered at both Malibu and Santa Monica High Schools.

PROFESSIONAL DANCE LEVEL 1- This course focuses on introducing students to a wide range of dance styles to begin building technique and appreciation for dance while maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Dance modules include Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop. Students learn to execute each one’s unique technique and style while working on a full-length dance. Choreography lessons will be introduced to learn artistic creation and group collaboration. UC/CSU approved.

This course introduces intermediate and advanced dancers to specific dance styles students will encounter in the professional world. The class will learn choreography in all dance styles while building technique. Dancers will be trained in how to audition for both commercial and concert dance company auditions. This training will include attire, creating and building a resume, improvisation, theatrical character development, and mock auditions. The class culminates with a small show at the end of the year that showcases both professional and student choreography. UC/CSU approved.

TECHNICAL THEATER - Students will have the opportunity to train in the newly refurbished Barnum Hall, learning digital soundboard, stage crew and theater management. Students will learn the basic physical properties in the technical aspects of theatre such as light, color, electricity, and sound. They will learn to effectively operate a variety of production equipment. Students will design, create, and implement production schedules, stage management plans, promotional ideas, and business for front-of-house procedures for informal and formal productions.

VIRTUAL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE - The Entrepreneurship & Economic Experience: Work on business plan & financial plans which you will actually present to financial institutions for approval before you start your business; actually work within your department to price, design and market your products on-line. Your will design your web page and sell from the Internet through the virtual bank; receive a "virtual" paycheck to spend on-line every week. Compete at real out-of-town trade shows and through on-line sales volume; guest speakers, close meetings and job shadow opportunities get you close to the real top professionals. UC/CSU approved.

WORK EXPERIENCE – Students must be working at least 12 hours per week in retail, food service, financial, or office/business occupations. All students will meet three (3) hours each week, with students employed in similar jobs and with an instructor who is a professional in their employment field. Speakers and field trips are included. Successful students will earn 10 units of credit and will be eligible for an extended work permit that allows you to increase your hours or to work a longer shift. You may also be eligible for a minimum school day (if schedule and credits allow).

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